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Our offers for high-performance IT services, on your premises, for the duration of a project.

I request
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  • I need to improve my IT system.
  • I’m planning an IT project.
  • What’s the status of my IS?
  • I’m selling my company.
  • I want to buy a company.

Project Management

  • I want to free up my time for project management.
  • I need IT expertise.
  • I need to manage my projects faster.
  • I need help to manage change in my company or department.


  • I’m looking for someone to manage external contractors.
  • I’m looking to develop my internal project team.
  • I want to implement best practices in an IT department.
  • I want to control IT budgets.
Mon Consultant Info

Why choose us?

Because your project has very high stakes for your business.

Because the impact on company operations is so great, it can generate technical, organizational and human bottlenecks.

Because our experience and methodology give you more choices to refine your decisions.

To clarify roles between service providers and customers.

To limit the risks.

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