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ASANA Integration

The effectiveness of project management is crucial for any company, regardless of its size. They face the challenge of coordinating tasks, following deadlines and collaborating effectively to remain competitive. The integration of Asana, an online project management software, can be the ideal solution to improve productivity and project management within companies by MCI.

The Importance of Project Management for VSEs and SMEs and large groups

VSEs and SMEs often face limited resources, tight budgets and tight deadlines. Ineffective project management can lead to delays, cost overruns and frustrations for teams. This is why it is essential to have robust project management processes in place.  For Large Groups, it is important to take the initiative on projects, have a follow-up to better manage and understand the stages of projects. 

Asana: The Online Project Management Solution

Asana is one of the market leaders in online project management software. It offers a full range of features for planning, task management, team collaboration, and project tracking. Asana is particularly well-suited because of its ease of use and ability to adapt to the specific needs of each company.

Key Features of Asana:

Create Tasks and Projects: Users can create individual tasks and complete projects, organizing them hierarchically.

Task Assignment: It’s easy to assign tasks to team members, set deadlines, and track their progress.

Built-in Calendar: Asana offers a calendar to view upcoming deadlines and tasks.

Kanban boards: Teams can use Kanban boards to view the progress of tasks and projects.

Team Collaboration: Asana makes it easy to communicate and collaborate across teams with integrated comments, attachments and discussions.

Integrations with Other Tools: Asana can be integrated with other commonly used tools and applications, making it extremely flexible.

Real Results

To illustrate the positive impact of MCI’s Asana integration, here is an example of a local SME that has benefited from our services:


Case Study: Enterprise B – Streamlining Project Management

Enterprise B, a large communication agency based in Rouen, struggled to manage its projects effectively. Deadlines were often exceeded, and teams struggled to track project tasks and milestones. MCI integrated Asana and customized the platform to meet the company’s specific needs.


streamlined project management
of deadlines met
improved collaboration and a 25% increase in productivity.

The integration of Asana in companies by MCI in Rouen offers a valuable opportunity to improve their project management, optimize the use of resources, meet deadlines and improve team collaboration.

With our expertise, customization of solutions, and commitment to customer success, we position ourselves as a partner of choice for local businesses looking to leverage Asana to improve efficiency.

If you are a VSE/ SME or large group looking for solutions to optimize your project management, MCI is ready to accompany you in this approach and help you achieve your project management objectives.

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