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The integration of Microsoft Tools for large companies and SMEs in Rouen, Normandy, and throughout France

Information technology plays a central role in the functioning of many companies, from large corporations to SMEs. Among the most widespread and essential IT solutions, Microsoft tools occupy a privileged position. 

They offer a full range of applications and services, from the Office suite to data management solutions and communication tools. For companies based in Rouen, Normandy, and throughout France, the effective integration of these Microsoft tools is crucial to optimize their productivity and competitiveness in the market. This is where MCI Mon Consultant Info comes in.

Improved productivity

Collaborate effectively, access documents anywhere, anytime, and automate repetitive tasks. This translates into increased productivity.


Companies change over time, and their software and IT tool needs also change. MCI Mon Consultant Info can adapt the integration of Microsoft tools to meet changing business needs.

Enhanced Security

Data security is a major concern for all companies. MCI Mon Consultant Info can integrate Microsoft security solutions to protect sensitive information and ensure regulatory compliance.

Courses and support

Successful integration is not limited to the initial implementation. MCI Mon Consultant Info also offers in-depth training and ongoing support to ensure that users master Microsoft tools and get the most out of their features.

Integration and training in business software

We are present during the 4 phases of your business needs. Choice of solution, integration, discovery and training as well as monitoring of your teams.

Your Partner in Microsoft Integration

MCI Mon Consultant Info offers a full range of services related to the integration of Microsoft tools. Here are some of the company’s main service offerings

Services Offered by MCI Mon Consultant Info

  • Needs Analysis: Before proceeding with any integration, MCI My Consultant Info conducts a thorough analysis of the specific needs of the company. This helps determine which Microsoft solutions are best suited.

  • Installation and Configuration: The company ensures the complete installation and configuration of Microsoft software and services, ensuring that they function optimally.

  • Security and Compliance: The company implements advanced security measures to protect company data and ensure compliance with applicable regulations.

  • Training and User Support: MCI My Consultant Info organizes training for employees so that they can fully exploit Microsoft tools. In addition, continuous support is available to solve problems and answer questions.

  • Upgrade and Evolution: Microsoft tools are regularly updated with new features. MCI My Consultant Info ensures that the company stays up to date by making the necessary upgrades.

  • Data Migration: For companies moving from other systems to Microsoft solutions, MCI My Consultant Info offers smooth data migration services to avoid any loss of crucial information.


Competitive Advantages for Businesses

For companies based in Rouen, Normandy, and throughout France, the integration of Microsoft tools by MCI My Consultant Info offers significant competitive advantages:

  • Access to cutting-edge expertise: MCI My Consultant Info has a team of qualified IT experts, trained in the latest Microsoft technologies. Companies can benefit from high-quality advice and solutions.


  • Customization: Each company has specific needs. MCI Mon Consultant Info adapts its services to meet precisely these needs, offering tailor-made solutions.


  • Save Time and Energy: Letting MCI My Consultant Info manage the integration of Microsoft tools allows companies to focus on their core business, leaving IT to the experts.


  • Improving Competitiveness: By effectively using Microsoft tools, companies can improve their competitiveness in the market by working smarter and more efficiently.

Contact an expert from MCI

The integration of Microsoft tools is a key element of the success of large companies and SMEs in Rouen, Normandy, and throughout France. MCI Mon Consultant Info is positioned as a partner of choice for companies looking to optimize their use of Microsoft solutions. Thanks to its expertise, personalized service and commitment to the success of its customers, MCI Mon Consultant Info is a key player in the world of enterprise computing.

If your business is looking to improve productivity, strengthen IT security and stay competitive in the market, consider using MCI Mon Consultant Info to integrate your Microsoft tools. With them at your side, you can be sure that your business is in good hands, ready to face the technological challenges of the modern world.

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