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The Deployment of SharePoint Solutions

SharePoint is a Microsoft-developed enterprise content management platform that enables organizations to collaborate effectively, manage their documents and data, and drive productivity. For companies, especially those based in Normandy, the implementation and deployment of SharePoint solutions can be crucial for information management.

The Importance of SharePoint for Information Management

Information management is at the heart of any modern business. Data, documents, processes and knowledge need to be managed effectively to enable fast, accurate decision-making and seamless collaboration between employees. SharePoint provides a comprehensive solution to these challenges:

Your SharePoint Partner in Normandy

With our information management expertise and in-depth knowledge of SharePoint, MCI has established itself as a partner of choice for local and national companies looking to successfully deploy SharePoint solutions. Here’s how MCI stands out:

Our Method

  • Comprehensive Needs Assessment
    Before starting SharePoint deployment, MCI conducts a thorough assessment of the business needs. This includes analysis of existing processes, workflows, specific challenges and goals to be achieved.
  • Customization of the Solution
    We design custom SharePoint solutions that meet the specific needs of each client. This ensures that the tool is perfectly adapted to the company.
  • Planning and Project Management
    Deploying SharePoint is a complex project that requires careful planning. We manage the project professionally, making sure to meet deadlines and budgets.
  • Training and Continuous Support
    Once SharePoint is in place, MCI provides user training and ongoing support to resolve issues and questions that may arise. We make sure the company gets the most out of the platform.
  • Security and Compliance
    Data security is a major concern for all companies. MON Consultant Info implements robust security measures to protect sensitive information and ensure compliance with applicable regulations.

Real Results

To illustrate the positive impact of SharePoint deployed by Mon Consultant Info, here is an example of a Norman company that has benefited from our services:

Enterprise X – Enhanced Collaboration

Enterprise X, a service company based in Rouen, faced collaboration challenges between its regional offices. Teams struggled to share information effectively like the same versions of files on different sites, data not shared in home directories, etc.

We deployed SharePoint by creating a custom portal that allowed teams to collaborate on projects in real time, share documents and communicate more effectively.


  • a significant improvement in productivity
  • a reduction in communication errors 
  • better customer satisfaction
  • better information sharing 
  •  100% of accounts are active on the platform
  • 30% duplicate excel files
  • 35% of emails with attachments

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