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Time-sharing means shared planning between MCI and its customers, to optimize project efficiency. Indeed, if you have a time-consuming IT project that requires coordinating different people, but you can't devote 1 month of your time to it right away, there's no point in paying a service provider to "do nothing". That's why, at MCI, we draw up a work schedule for your projects together, with regular updates on progress throughout. Depending on your needs and the time required to complete each task, we can work together 1 day a week for 2 months for example, or more, or less! Everything is established on the basis of the audit carried out

The CIO (Information Systems Department) is a department within a company or organization that is responsible for setting up and managing the company's technological infrastructure, and for using this infrastructure to support the company's objectives. The CIO often manages the computer systems, networks, databases and software applications used by the company. It also ensures the security of these systems and the protection of company data.

An ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) is a computer system for managing a company's various operational processes, such as accounting, inventory management, sales and purchasing management, etc. Integrating all company data for better decision-making and greater efficiency.

The easiest way is to ask a professional to diagnose your IS. He will analyze the technical and hardware aspects, as well as the various parameters, and may also carry out a pentest to verify the reliability of your network. At the end of this analysis, he will provide you with a commented report containing his analysis and recommendations.
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An IT consulting firm can provide your company with technical expertise in IT and technology. It can help identify opportunities to optimize your IT processes, plan and implement digital transformation projects, manage IT risks and ensure compliance with standards and regulations. What's more, a consulting firm can also help accelerate the development and implementation of innovative IT solutions to support your company's growth.

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