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We are looking for a Project Manager (F/H) to join a team of 3 people.

We are an IT and digital consulting company, for SMEs and large groups in industry, construction and health. We fully manage the implementation of new IT tools, with internal teams and management.

Our ambition is to allow each company to derive maximum value from IT projects, in an approach of meaning, impact and efficiency.

Missions and commitment of the function.

In our organization, the Project Leader(fes) work on three main themes:

  • Manage large-scale projects with high visibility
  • Participate in activities in the upstream phase of projects, estimate the functional and/or technical costs and impacts.
  • Coordinate resources and manage projects over time, arbitrate choices, manage risk and optimize results.
  • Highlight and maintain relevant indicators and dashboards to reassure teams on the evolution of projects and anticipate decision-making.
  • Support teams in the management of change
  • Lead and facilitate communication with teams and project management bodies. Establish a climate of trust and mutual commitments with all key players in the integration cycle (MOA – MOE – external service providers, etc.).
  • Carry a logic of continuous improvement of the company.
  • Be proactive in improving project management processes, procedures, standards and methods.
  • Over a dedicated period of nearly 40 days per year, carry out internal initiatives on themes that make sense for you and the company’s project (CSR, ecological transition, continuing education, etc.).

Work environment

We each have professional experiences in structures of various sizes with strong organizational constraints, and now aspire to develop a collaborative work dynamic that is for us meaningful. We aspire to work independently and responsibly, while relying on a collective solidarity.

Our approach is above all a search for impact and value that allows a flexible organization (hours, telework, etc.) in a concern for balance and professional development.

Finally, we have all carried out this process of professional career development, and make it a point of honor to set up individualized integration and training courses that will allow everyone to acquire the knowledge and new skills of which he-she will need.



  • You come from a training, ideally technical (development, network engineering, IT infrastructure), with at least BAC + 4.
  • You have at least 5-10 years of experience in VSEs/SMEs or large groups, preferably in support functions, where you have interacted with technical teams and learned to master the inner workings and operating principles.
  • You aspire to work independently in the logic of result, you are comfortable in proactive steps of organization, coordination, monitoring and problem solving.
  • You like to interact with ease and confidence, transmit and engage with both technical and management teams.
  • You have a professional command of oral and written English.

Contractual conditions

Status: Executive

Contract (nature, duration): permanent or independent

Location of the post: Rouen, possible travel in France or Europe

Remuneration (fixed, variable, incentive, etc.): negotiable according to your experience and skills.



Would you like to know more? Contact us for a first exchange.

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