A team of experts in IT and project management
to help you with all your IT and network
and network issues.

Mon Consultant Info

Remote and on-site

Our IT consulting firm, created in 2017, responds to a growing need for corporate digitalization.

Drawing on its experience and a dynamic, versatile team, MCI wanted to bring a fresh vision to digitalization by helping everyone master their new tools.

DSI partagée Normandie

An independent firm

We chose to set up a firm on a human scale so as not to control its growth, but also to be able to operate with autonomy and objectivity.

MCI also aims to be a firm with a strong human touch. In contrast to the industrialization of the sector, our teams support and train their customers in the fundamentals of digital technology.

A responsible consulting firm

While the MCI team is not responsible for its manager’s bad jokes, it is committed to respecting its environmental impact by integrating sustainably into the Normandy region.

We are aware of our responsibilities when a customer calls on us, and MCI is committed to meeting their needs.

Mon Consultant Info

Our vision of IT and digital

When MCI was founded in 2017, our starting point was a simple observation: today, IT has become widespread in small and medium-sized businesses and contributes to their development, but they are faced with a problem of legibility, and the question arises: what to choose and how to get the most out of the solution chosen?
Drawing on our experience in IT and entrepreneurship, our team of experts can help companies to digitize while saving time and money.

Our corporate values

Experts in IT and networking, we’re also a team that’s all about sharing knowledge and connecting people.

"Our mission
supporting major groups and SMEs"

Our ambition

Saving you time and improving efficiency

Digitizing your business

Limit your risks

Improve your processes and organization

Mon Consultant Info

Richard Cardine

Founder and CEO
of the company MonConsultantInfo

In a few words, Richard is the company’s starting point. With his technical, managerial and entrepreneurial skills, he’ll be able to explain the merits of delegating certain tasks while keeping an eye on them.

Based on his experience, he’ll be able to tailor his offer to your needs, getting straight to the point to save you time and efficiency. Drawing on his experience in IT and entrepreneurship, Richard has put together a small team of experts in their field to help companies digitize while saving time and money.

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