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Business Software Integration for Large Groups in Normandy

Business software integration has become an unavoidable necessity and these companies must effectively manage their operations, resources and data to remain competitive in the market. However, implementing an IT solution can be a challenge for companies, due to their limited resources.

This is where companies like MCI MON Consultant Info, based in Normandy, come into play by offering tailored business software integration services to meet the specific needs of these companies.

Increase regulatory compliance

Regulations are becoming stricter, and companies must comply to avoid sanctions. Integrated business software can help monitor and meet regulatory requirements.

Strengthen the customer relationship

System integration improves the customer experience by providing quick access to information and allowing for more fluid communication.

Optimize operations

Large groups need to automate their business processes to become more efficient. The integration of business software allows employees to be more efficient in their daily tasks.

Manage data

Companies are generating and managing an increasing amount of data. An appropriate integration solution allows for the efficient centralization and management of this data, facilitating data-driven decision-making.

Integration and training in business software

We are present during the 4 phases of your business needs. Choice of solution, integration, discovery and training as well as monitoring of your teams.

Your Business Software Integration Partner

Our offers for an efficient IT service, at home, the time of a project.

Our method

  • Understanding of Needs

Before proposing a solution, MON Consultant Info takes the time to fully understand your specific needs. We conduct in-depth interviews with business leaders to identify unique challenges, objectives and business processes.

  • Customization of Solutions

Once the needs have been identified, MCI designs tailor-made solutions. We do not offer generic solutions, but rather integrated business software that meets the specific needs of each client.

  • Integration steering 

The MCI team manages the integration of business software into your company’s existing infrastructure. This ensures that the company can continue running smoothly during the onboarding process.

  • Acceptance and monitoring

We not only manage the integration of software, we also organize and monitor recettage (Testing and data integration)

  • Balance sheet

The IT world is changing rapidly, and MCI ensures that the proposed solutions also evolve. We are also the guarantors of service continuity after production. It is through this assessment that we organize the continuation of operations for the maintenance part. 

Real results

To illustrate the positive impact of the business software integration proposed by MCI, here are two customer case studies that are large groups in Normandy that have benefited from our services:

Company A – Optimized Stock Management

Enterprise A (which we will not name), a distribution company based in Caen, had stock management problems. They did not always know what products were in stock and in what quantity, resulting in delivery delays and lost sales. MCI MON Consultant Info implemented an integrated inventory management system that allowed the company to monitor the status of its inventory in real time. Outcome:

  • Faster deliveries (from 5 days to 48 hours)
  • Setting up of picking path
  • Product Site
  • Realignment
    a 15% increase in sales in one year.
  • ERP implementation in 12 months (Sagex3/ Business Central Microsoft and Odoo)
  • Project 100% delivered


Company B – Automation of Accounting Processes

Enterprise B, an accounting firm in Rouen, spent considerable time manually processing invoices and managing the finances of its clients.  We have integrated a custom accounting software that has automated many tedious tasks. Result:

  • a 30% reduction in time spent on administrative tasks, allowing the company to focus more on advising its customers.
  • Project 100% delivered
  • Membership of 115 users

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