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Inventory of IT Infrastructure

IT infrastructure is the backbone of any modern business, whether it’s a small local business or a large international organization. It encompasses all the hardware, software, network, and storage components that enable a business to operate efficiently and securely. The state of this infrastructure is critical to ensure performance, security and business continuity.

Your Partner Inventory of IT infrastructure in Normandy

MON Consultant Info offers advanced expertise in IT infrastructure and information technology management. Here is how MCI stands out in the realization of the inventory of the IT infrastructure

Our Method

  • Full Evaluation

Before proceeding with the inventory, we conduct a complete assessment of the company’s IT infrastructure. This includes in-depth analysis of servers, networks, workstations, storage systems, software, security and compliance.

  • Customization of the MCI Solution

We design customized inventory plans according to the objectives and constraints of each client.

  •  Cost Optimization

The inventory also includes an analysis of the costs related to the IT infrastructure. MON Consultant Info offers recommendations to optimize expenses while maintaining performance.

  • Action Plan

At the end of the inventory, MON Consultant Info provides a detailed action plan. This plan includes specific recommendations to address identified issues, improve security, optimize performance and reduce costs.

  • Implementation and Support

We can implement the proposed solutions and provide continuous support to ensure that the infrastructure remains in excellent condition.

Real Results

To illustrate the positive impact of the state of the art of the IT infrastructure realized here is an example of a company in Rouen that benefited from our intervention at MCI:


Company Y – Cost Reduction and Performance Improvement

Entreprise Y, an SME specializing in the distribution of electronic products, faced high maintenance costs and problems with slowing down its network. MON Consultant Info carried out a complete inventory of their infrastructure and identified several obsolete servers and network configuration problems. We recommended server consolidation, hardware update and network optimization.


– 20% reduction in annual maintenance costs and a significant improvement in network performance, enabling the company to better serve its customers;

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