Ease of use

Users can create intuitive applications through a user-friendly interface and drag and drop features.

Productivity Growth

Companies can automate repetitive manual tasks, reducing errors and improving operational efficiency.

Microsoft Power Apps Integration

Revolutionize your Business with Microsoft Power Apps: The Expertise of Mon Consultant Info for Large Groups and SMEs in France | Normandy | Rouen

Automating business processes, simplifying workflows, and improving productivity are at the heart of businesses today. Microsoft Power Apps has become the go-to tool for meeting these needs by enabling businesses to quickly create custom applications without requiring software development expertise. Mon Consultant Info, a French company based in Rouen, Normandy, specializing in technological solutions, is positioning itself as an expert for the integration of Microsoft Power Apps with large groups and SMEs in France.

Integration with other Microsoft products

Power Apps integrates seamlessly with tools like Microsoft 365, SharePoint, and Azure, making it easy to manage data and automate processes.


Power Apps allows you to create custom applications that meet the specific needs of each company.

Where are you with Microsoft Power Apps?


Want to know more about the Microsoft tool 


You want to test the solution


You integrate the solution


You want to maintain and train teams to the solution

Let’s discuss your needs

Mon Consultant Info: Your Partner in Automation microsoft Power apps based in Rouen in Normandy and operates throughout France

Microsoft Power Apps is a cloud-based application development platform that allows users to create custom applications without the need for programming skills. Using out-of-the-box models or building applications from scratch, companies can tailor solutions for their specific needs

Our Services for Large Groups and SMEs

Mon Consultant Info is an IT consulting company based in France, specialized in the implementation of technological solutions for companies. With deep expertise in the integration of Microsoft Power Apps, Mon Consultant Info offers tailored services to large companies and SMEs in France.

Here are some reasons to choose Mon Consultant Info for your Microsoft Power Apps integration:

  • Technical Expertise: Mon Consultant Info consultants are certified Microsoft Power Apps experts with in-depth knowledge of the platform.
  • Understanding Business Needs: Mon Info Consultant takes the time to understand each client’s specific needs, allowing custom applications to be designed that precisely meet those needs.
  • Seamless integration: Mon Info Consultant ensures seamless integration of Microsoft Power Apps with existing enterprise systems, ensuring business continuity.
  • Training and Support: Mon Info Consultant provides comprehensive end-user training and ongoing support to ensure optimal use of Power Apps.

Concrete cases for companies

  1. Leave request management: A medium-sized French company struggled to manage its employees’ leave requests effectively. Mon Consultant Info has created a custom Power Apps app that allows employees to submit their leave requests through a user-friendly interface. The application also integrates an approval flow for managers and automates the tracking of available leave days, which has significantly simplified the leave management process.
  2. Tracking orders and inventory: A distribution company based in France struggled to track orders and inventory levels accurately. Mon Consultant Info has developed a Power Apps application that connects order management to real-time inventory management. Employees can now enter orders, instantly check product availability and update stock levels with a single click, which has significantly reduced delivery delays and errors.
  3. Customer contract management: A large French professional services company needed a solution to manage its customer contracts more efficiently. Mon Consultant Info has created a Power Apps application that tracks contracts, sets reminders for due dates, and generates contract performance reports. This allowed the company to better manage its contractual commitments and improve customer satisfaction.
  4. Incident Tracking System: An IT services company in France had difficulty tracking incidents reported by its customers. Mon Consultant Info has developed a Power Apps app that allows technicians to quickly capture incident details, assign tickets to appropriate team members, and track resolution status in real time. This allowed the company to improve its responsiveness to its customers and optimize resource management.
  5. Human Resources Management: A large French company needed a solution to manage all of its human resources processes, including application management, performance management, and employee training. Mon Consultant Info has implemented a suite of interconnected Power Apps to meet these needs, providing a centralized platform for HR management. This allowed the company to streamline its HR operations and improve employee engagement.

Contact an expert from MCI

The integration of Microsoft Power Apps can transform the way your business manages its business processes, improving efficiency, productivity and customer satisfaction. Mon Consultant Info positions itself as a trusted partner for large groups and SMEs in France, offering unparalleled expertise in the implementation of Power Apps.

If you are looking to optimize your operations, automate your business processes and create custom applications, Mon Consultant Info is the ideal partner to support you in this transition to digital transformation with Microsoft Power Apps. Contact us today to discover how we can help you achieve your technological and business objectives, in Rouen, Normandy and throughout France.

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